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Written by [personal profile] thene  / Typhe , read by me etc etc

Everyone here has probs already read these fics, bc, well. They're great. But I needed them for me ears so -gestures vaguely- here have the product of about 6 hours of work. My computer was playing up, I had to rerecord a fuckload of this shit.

Here we go:

Whatever I Want

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Batman Was Wrong

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 My podfic of the amazing Pygmalion by Typhe!

this podfic contains: Dirty Talk, D/s, Humiliation, Light Bondage, Arguing, Classism, Comeplay, Face-Fucking

my fav thing abt this entire podfic is the consensual humiliation. I love it. you so very rarely get to see it, let alone see it done as well as Typhe has written it!

Also: apologies for butchering Stef's accent I just sort of...did a very broad australian accent ahahaha whoops in other news, i tried to do it as it was written, and I still can't fucking pronounce r's 

here is the mp3, click to stream, right click and save as to download (size: 37MB | length: 40 min 07 sec)

While this is part 3 of the Pact series, it can be read/listened to as a stand alone fic

Enjoy ;)


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