Nov. 21st, 2012 11:19 am
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 Hello everybody :)

I am a new convert of this trilogy :D 
Despite some anger towards the Author, I admit I am hooked to the characters (mostly to Vanyel and Stefen). I would like to write something about it, but since my interest in reading further works on Valdemar is rather low (She DID angered me <.<'), and I need some informations before writing, I am making some questions^^

1. About the Vrondi-net. How does it work, exactly? O.o I mean, sort of air-elemental who spy on mage inside Valdemar, ok. All the mages who aren't Heralds? Or all the mages who came from outside Valdemar? 

2. About the magic. As far as I can see, there is no way that somebody born with the mage-gift(s) to learn how to use it without guide, not only that but they are *always* unusable if not "untapped". Correct? °-°

Thank you all for your help!^^

(Yes, the fic I wish to write is, to begin with, a short story centered about the Vrondi-net. I DO feel it was a lot an Orwellian measure and quite a dark thing to do, and I would like to explore on that^^) 

Also, I want to thank Theme who pointed me there ^^ My thanks!

(I apologize for any mistake, I am Italian^^)


LHM: Love the characters, hate the canon.

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