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I was wondering if anyone here was planning to participate in Yuletide this year and, if you are, will you be nominating LHM?

Nominations open tomorrow, if you're interested. You can only nominate a max of 3 fandoms, or I would do it myself (I have a few more obscure fandoms that I'm trying for this year). But I'm hoping someone will nominate LHM, because I would definitely include it in my offers/requests. :)

On another note, does anyone else enjoy fan casting? Since I finished Magic's Price, I've been thinking about my mental images of the characters (especially Vanyel and Stef, of course!) and I've found a few people that work really well for me.

How do you like Miles McMillan for Vanyel? He's such a pretty boy, especially with the long hair.

For Stefen, I can't help but picture a red-headed Devon Graye. I remembered him from the flashbacks in Season 1 of Dexter, and just couldn't get him out of my mind when I read the description of Stefen.

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I have sort of always thought that Vanyel's name was based on the Russian "Vanya", which roughly translates to "Johnny". I was right, lololol forever.

(it's at 13:10)

Also more in depth explanations of the official stance on fanfic. If you have a free hour you should watch this, it's worth it just for the furries passing back and forth in the background. XD


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