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The second part of the post-canon fic I'm writing (attempting to stay true to canon). Not much happens yet, I feel like I'm mired in set up. Work is not giving me much time to write, but I'm posting what I can. More WILL happen soon.

Coming Home, part 2

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Another short fic I just finished. I can't seem to make headway on my longer ones that involve actual plot, but this was fun. I always sort of wondered about Stefen and Medren's pre-Vanyel relationship; notably, when Medren must have somehow informed Stefen that his uncle was the great Herald-Mage Vanyel Ashkevron.

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So, I've been working on a few fics, but nothing is finished/ remotely reader-ready except this beginning of a post-canon Stefen story. I wrote something along these lines before in FFN, but it was my first fic and very unsatisfying. This is the beginning for something a bit different, which is going to be more about the first time Stef stays at Haven for an extended period since his canon trip to Sorrows.

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So I was writing the Van/Tran thing and for some reason, I thought of this scene even though this is years in the future and there's no way I can work it into the fic. So here you go.

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