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For anyone who liked The Lost One (aka the Krebain/Van slave fic) - it unpacked itself a little more after the challenge was over. Much fluff.

Part 1
Part 2
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This contines from here. More backstory headcanon, rambling pillow talk, Stef being terrible, etc.

Strange Bedfellows
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hi I finished something else I snippeted a while back. 3000 words, fluff, rambling dialogue, Stef moving in with Van, Van attempting to be a good boyfriend, lots of wild headcanoning about Stef's backstory and Van's issues, foot fetishism. (truth: the latter is where this fic began - I first drafted that part of it in idk I think 2006 but never smoothed the scene out and posted it because who the hell would want to read Van/Stef foot fetish porn. I am so glad to know you guys srsly.)

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Something I wrote spur of the moment. Stef watches Van training. 2000 words. Let's get the fics going again :) !

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A birthday present for [personal profile] thene. Which was yesterday, lol. Van/Stef, 1299 words, h/c, fluff! Nothing but fluff, as birthday presents should be!

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