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I had writer's block for a sad long while aka 2016 but recently I put up the edited version of Strandline and a new Van/Stef pwp on AO3.

The pwp was a massive detour that came out of a Vanyel Sulking About His Lovelife scene from my snoverse file, which I figured I could share a bit more of here. It being snoverse only matters in that it's some context for Van wrestling with sexual trauma. Hoping I can liberate something else out of that file soon (there's even half a plot brewing there...)

He wanted to go home )
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Written by [personal profile] thene  / Typhe , read by me etc etc

Everyone here has probs already read these fics, bc, well. They're great. But I needed them for me ears so -gestures vaguely- here have the product of about 6 hours of work. My computer was playing up, I had to rerecord a fuckload of this shit.

Here we go:

Whatever I Want

Read more... )

Batman Was Wrong

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 My podfic of the amazing Pygmalion by Typhe!

this podfic contains: Dirty Talk, D/s, Humiliation, Light Bondage, Arguing, Classism, Comeplay, Face-Fucking

my fav thing abt this entire podfic is the consensual humiliation. I love it. you so very rarely get to see it, let alone see it done as well as Typhe has written it!

Also: apologies for butchering Stef's accent I just sort of...did a very broad australian accent ahahaha whoops in other news, i tried to do it as it was written, and I still can't fucking pronounce r's 

here is the mp3, click to stream, right click and save as to download (size: 37MB | length: 40 min 07 sec)

While this is part 3 of the Pact series, it can be read/listened to as a stand alone fic

Enjoy ;)

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So I got seasons 7, 8 and 9 of Doctor Who for Christmas. This is the result of me rewatching all of the Vastra episodes. I actually started writing this last Christmas, hit a wall, then forgot about it, because who the fuck else would care? Truthfully an LHM/DW crossover has been the stuff of my cracky dreams for a while now. Then I finally actually wrote one and it’s…not crack. idk. (I hesitated to even post this here because honestly, it’s more Doctor Who than LHM, then I realized, it’s my comm. Muahahaha.)

I )
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Some end-of-year deck clearing. I've been kicking these scenes around for way too long, as is evidenced by the fact that I posted the first two for Gilda's birthday. Pillow talk here but no porn. Also alludes to sexual abuse, no details.

Sex never used to mean a thing )
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For anyone who liked The Lost One (aka the Krebain/Van slave fic) - it unpacked itself a little more after the challenge was over. Much fluff.

Part 1
Part 2
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Here are my efforts at participating [community profile] 21_days. I still kind of wish I could have written more of the Big Showdown, but eh. It's got porn and Vanyel not being a shitty boyfriend, that's all points covered, for me.

Chapter One )
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I have been poking at four Things That Happened After Strandline; this is two of them. Much awkward, much self-indulgence. :P

What if I'm only prolonging another grievous mistake? )
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agghfffghgh this took a while. But it is wrapped up for now? I have a halfassed epilogue lying around but no idea how long that will take to become presentable. At some point I'll also likely polish this fic up for AO3, so please tell me what you think needs fixed (all of it) (etc)

That was madness speaking )
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-this one took...a lot longer than I expected. Stuff happened; technology meltdowns, travel, etc. I only wrapped it up due to getting stuck in this god damn blizzard (I KNOW RIGHT. THIS SHIP). Lessons learned; never write 30k of build-up to a bad one-liner. It makes carrying on kinda hard.

Nothing graphic here - bit of softcore. There is also some passing mention of sexual abuse - again, nothing graphic or descriptive.

sooner a song in the dark than a friend close by )
-->Part 9
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^^ I only posted part 6 this afternoon, so if this is your first time stopping by today, go read that first. If you just read it? Stretch your legs, get something to drink, and reflect on the fact that I could have left you right there, if only i hadn't been writing this story backwards from the porn all along. seriously if you have any response, type it now before part 7 ruins this fic forever. which it will. eh i just bet it ends in the wrong place. I'll try not to leave it hanging too long.

a perfect stranger )

-->Part 8
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Sorry it's been so long. I got stuck on this part and started working on part 7, which is therefore also more or less finished - am hoping to post it later today. Because I can't just leave you with this one. That would be cruel.

time don't belong to me )
-->Part 7
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-this week in Framing Plots for Men Staring At Each Other. Much dialogue. Probably counts as teasing, sorry Gilda. MUCH purple, wiping blood from my own eyes here.

driveby rec: I am still binge-reading identity porn in DCU - this is so delicious, Regency AU with a really adorable arranged marriage subplot?!?! Lapping this up.

not on the river or your soul )
-->Part 6
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-i am not 100% on this chapter (there was a scene i kept taking in and out because I can't decide where it goes) but I wanted to post stuff before taking off for the weekend. aghfff this fic is enough of an unwieldy mess that I expect I'll do some doing-over before I ever drop it on AO3 anyway. Until then, more Exposition And Awkwardness it is.

I did not say it was all true )
-->Part 5
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♥ ♥ ♥ Happy birthday Kat ♥ ♥ ♥

More of same. Kind of a longass, higgldy-piggldy chapter. .........This is literally the third time I have written an awful Van/Stef scene involving dead fish. What is wrong with me.

I'm not one for favours )
-->Part 4
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Something I always knew would eventually happen but nevertheless has not done so before; yesterday on the 87 bus I was standing two feet away from a girl with an LHM. Promise, crisp new copy she'd only just started reading, and in public? Oh babe, is this your first time?

Idk but it prodded me into starting to post this. Been holding off because I'm very not positive of how it's hanging together. I realised a few days ago that all my canon geography is shit and I reaaaallly don't care. It will eventually have sex, and pirates. No really. It will also probably later have discussion of awful dark shit, but nothing too wangsty in its main run. This is the first two chapters; looks like it's going to be another 40k+ long haul oh fuck me.


a time-candle burning at both ends )

nothing to lose but his dignity )

-->Part 3


LHM: Love the characters, hate the canon.

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