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agghfffghgh this took a while. But it is wrapped up for now? I have a halfassed epilogue lying around but no idea how long that will take to become presentable. At some point I'll also likely polish this fic up for AO3, so please tell me what you think needs fixed (all of it) (etc)

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-this one took...a lot longer than I expected. Stuff happened; technology meltdowns, travel, etc. I only wrapped it up due to getting stuck in this god damn blizzard (I KNOW RIGHT. THIS SHIP). Lessons learned; never write 30k of build-up to a bad one-liner. It makes carrying on kinda hard.

Nothing graphic here - bit of softcore. There is also some passing mention of sexual abuse - again, nothing graphic or descriptive.

sooner a song in the dark than a friend close by )
-->Part 9
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^^ I only posted part 6 this afternoon, so if this is your first time stopping by today, go read that first. If you just read it? Stretch your legs, get something to drink, and reflect on the fact that I could have left you right there, if only i hadn't been writing this story backwards from the porn all along. seriously if you have any response, type it now before part 7 ruins this fic forever. which it will. eh i just bet it ends in the wrong place. I'll try not to leave it hanging too long.

a perfect stranger )

-->Part 8
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Sorry it's been so long. I got stuck on this part and started working on part 7, which is therefore also more or less finished - am hoping to post it later today. Because I can't just leave you with this one. That would be cruel.

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-->Part 7
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-this week in Framing Plots for Men Staring At Each Other. Much dialogue. Probably counts as teasing, sorry Gilda. MUCH purple, wiping blood from my own eyes here.

driveby rec: I am still binge-reading identity porn in DCU - this is so delicious, Regency AU with a really adorable arranged marriage subplot?!?! Lapping this up.

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-->Part 6
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♥ ♥ ♥ Happy birthday Kat ♥ ♥ ♥

More of same. Kind of a longass, higgldy-piggldy chapter. .........This is literally the third time I have written an awful Van/Stef scene involving dead fish. What is wrong with me.

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-->Part 4
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Something I always knew would eventually happen but nevertheless has not done so before; yesterday on the 87 bus I was standing two feet away from a girl with an LHM. Promise, crisp new copy she'd only just started reading, and in public? Oh babe, is this your first time?

Idk but it prodded me into starting to post this. Been holding off because I'm very not positive of how it's hanging together. I realised a few days ago that all my canon geography is shit and I reaaaallly don't care. It will eventually have sex, and pirates. No really. It will also probably later have discussion of awful dark shit, but nothing too wangsty in its main run. This is the first two chapters; looks like it's going to be another 40k+ long haul oh fuck me.


a time-candle burning at both ends )

nothing to lose but his dignity )

-->Part 3
thene: Fang, Vanille and the space between them. (awakened)
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In which Van complains for 1300 words. IKR, shocking and unprecedented. But it is Sunday and this was all I wanted to do today.

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The second part of the post-canon fic I'm writing (attempting to stay true to canon). Not much happens yet, I feel like I'm mired in set up. Work is not giving me much time to write, but I'm posting what I can. More WILL happen soon.

Coming Home, part 2

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A short fic in my "Vanyel's friends find out about his cougar-ish relationship" series. I'm still not entirely happy with it, but I don't see how it's going to get any better, and I figured I'd post it for those of you who, like me, will read any Van/Stef somewhat indiscriminately (provided it's not from

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because once you have 4000 words down it is hard to keep pretending you're not writing something no matter how gratuitous it is >< This feels more like an interlude between two other events than a story, but unfortunately it's the only part I felt like writing down as of yet.

SFW, obviously AU, and this is about bereavement and also about epic relationship drama. Stef POV, for the first time in this series.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] kat_nic ♥ ♥ ♥

erm, I hope this is adequate; your suggestions were for naught (thus far) because a totally different post-Snowblind loose end bit me :/ so, here is headcanony character stuffs & everyone seeing Van/Stef as a terrifying Sue/Sue power couple. It's also improbably long, 7k, i have no idea why. And has evil!Shavri which I always feel bad about.

Spirit of Truth
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So I was writing the Van/Tran thing and for some reason, I thought of this scene even though this is years in the future and there's no way I can work it into the fic. So here you go.

It's that simple )
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Tamer this time. I wrote this spur of the moment after reading kat_nic's flail-worthy post. Not sure it's up to par, but I couldn't resist.

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Interestingly enough, I also envisioned Vanyel and Tantras engaging in some discrete "shaych" action, although a bit later in the series. Not sure if it's plausible or not, but it's lighthearted and I certainly had fun writing it! I posted it to my journal-- still figuring out how to link to my actual story on here.

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