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I decided I needed to finish it before updating the online version again (in case I decided to idk shelve the entire plot), and yays, now I have.

Here is chapter 5. I think there'll be three more updates, and as it's all written already I'll just put up a new one every two days until we're done. I don't want to flood this comm, so I just figured I should let you guys know so if you're interested you can keep going back to AO3 every other day (or just subscribe there).

Thanks for all your support. <3

fic update

Jan. 26th, 2012 08:40 pm
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More of Snowblind (I decided to keep the text just on AO3 this time to make it easier to fix errors, but if you feel like commenting I don't mind whether it's here or there).
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Um. So. I've been working on a Vanyel/Leareth AU. I posted the first part of this fic on LJ / AO3 (slightly more polished) right before is pretty much a whump trainwreck and that was even before it got to the dubcon hatesex part. So yeah, warnings for dubious consent, major character death and lots of trauma damage, self harm, really bad coping strategies, and so on.

This wasn't making light. )


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