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So I got seasons 7, 8 and 9 of Doctor Who for Christmas. This is the result of me rewatching all of the Vastra episodes. I actually started writing this last Christmas, hit a wall, then forgot about it, because who the fuck else would care? Truthfully an LHM/DW crossover has been the stuff of my cracky dreams for a while now. Then I finally actually wrote one and it’s…not crack. idk. (I hesitated to even post this here because honestly, it’s more Doctor Who than LHM, then I realized, it’s my comm. Muahahaha.)

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Some end-of-year deck clearing. I've been kicking these scenes around for way too long, as is evidenced by the fact that I posted the first two for Gilda's birthday. Pillow talk here but no porn. Also alludes to sexual abuse, no details.

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Here are my efforts at participating [community profile] 21_days. I still kind of wish I could have written more of the Big Showdown, but eh. It's got porn and Vanyel not being a shitty boyfriend, that's all points covered, for me.

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- but not so much of an ending. If you don't recall, this was started 3 years ago - I've made a few tweaks over time and have simply edited the two old posts, here and here. More polished version of this fic now available here on AO3. eh. Ngl mostly posting this so as not to waste thousands of words of Stef whining. this is my crack.

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-this one took...a lot longer than I expected. Stuff happened; technology meltdowns, travel, etc. I only wrapped it up due to getting stuck in this god damn blizzard (I KNOW RIGHT. THIS SHIP). Lessons learned; never write 30k of build-up to a bad one-liner. It makes carrying on kinda hard.

Nothing graphic here - bit of softcore. There is also some passing mention of sexual abuse - again, nothing graphic or descriptive.

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-->Part 9
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Yesterday was the birthday of [personal profile] thene! And I swear I did not forget it! Technology failed me; I was going to wish you a happy birthday on your birthday, but I had to work all day yesterday, and my phone suddenly decided it didn't want to let me post entries or leave comments. In any case, your present wasn't ready yesterday, because I actually started something for you in January, but it wasn't going anywhere, and then Tuesday I started something completely the hell else and finished it this morning! I apologize for the jerky format; it needed set up, but I so did not want to rewrite that entire chapter when so much of it essentially remains the same. So, here it is, a (only very slightly) AU Van/Stef getting together, Forst Reach post leech-blade, 4463 words, & sfw (porn seems like a weird birthday gift? Tell me if I'm wrong.)

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Short Fic

Jan. 14th, 2013 08:51 pm
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UST Van/Stef, 1200 words. Based on Stefen's mention of trying to get Vanyel drunk again unsuccessfully- although this is Vanyel's perspective, after the fact. It might be a bit different from canon in that Vanyel is aware of Stefen's intentions, but there are mixed hints about that in canon to begin with.

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So, [personal profile] kat_nic gave me a prompt. I wrote this thing. I wasn't quite happy with it as a response to said prompt. After I wrote this thing I then found a random draft file I made in 2006 that could hopefully be turned into a much better go at the same prompt. /face.palm. So I'm posting this anyway but will try to do something better with the same themes soon.

The prompt was: one thing I've noticed in your fics is that Stef seems reluctant to talk about his history, because Van has enough darkness/angst in his own history. So I want Van getting Stef to open up about his sordid past.

Rumours (my last penny)
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