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Some end-of-year deck clearing. I've been kicking these scenes around for way too long, as is evidenced by the fact that I posted the first two for Gilda's birthday. Pillow talk here but no porn. Also alludes to sexual abuse, no details.

Sex never used to mean a thing )
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Here are my efforts at participating [community profile] 21_days. I still kind of wish I could have written more of the Big Showdown, but eh. It's got porn and Vanyel not being a shitty boyfriend, that's all points covered, for me.

Chapter One )
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agghfffghgh this took a while. But it is wrapped up for now? I have a halfassed epilogue lying around but no idea how long that will take to become presentable. At some point I'll also likely polish this fic up for AO3, so please tell me what you think needs fixed (all of it) (etc)

That was madness speaking )
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-this one took...a lot longer than I expected. Stuff happened; technology meltdowns, travel, etc. I only wrapped it up due to getting stuck in this god damn blizzard (I KNOW RIGHT. THIS SHIP). Lessons learned; never write 30k of build-up to a bad one-liner. It makes carrying on kinda hard.

Nothing graphic here - bit of softcore. There is also some passing mention of sexual abuse - again, nothing graphic or descriptive.

sooner a song in the dark than a friend close by )
-->Part 9
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^^ I only posted part 6 this afternoon, so if this is your first time stopping by today, go read that first. If you just read it? Stretch your legs, get something to drink, and reflect on the fact that I could have left you right there, if only i hadn't been writing this story backwards from the porn all along. seriously if you have any response, type it now before part 7 ruins this fic forever. which it will. eh i just bet it ends in the wrong place. I'll try not to leave it hanging too long.

a perfect stranger )

-->Part 8
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Sorry it's been so long. I got stuck on this part and started working on part 7, which is therefore also more or less finished - am hoping to post it later today. Because I can't just leave you with this one. That would be cruel.

time don't belong to me )
-->Part 7
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-this week in Framing Plots for Men Staring At Each Other. Much dialogue. Probably counts as teasing, sorry Gilda. MUCH purple, wiping blood from my own eyes here.

driveby rec: I am still binge-reading identity porn in DCU - this is so delicious, Regency AU with a really adorable arranged marriage subplot?!?! Lapping this up.

not on the river or your soul )
-->Part 6
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-i am not 100% on this chapter (there was a scene i kept taking in and out because I can't decide where it goes) but I wanted to post stuff before taking off for the weekend. aghfff this fic is enough of an unwieldy mess that I expect I'll do some doing-over before I ever drop it on AO3 anyway. Until then, more Exposition And Awkwardness it is.

I did not say it was all true )
-->Part 5
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♥ ♥ ♥ Happy birthday Kat ♥ ♥ ♥

More of same. Kind of a longass, higgldy-piggldy chapter. .........This is literally the third time I have written an awful Van/Stef scene involving dead fish. What is wrong with me.

I'm not one for favours )
-->Part 4
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Something I always knew would eventually happen but nevertheless has not done so before; yesterday on the 87 bus I was standing two feet away from a girl with an LHM. Promise, crisp new copy she'd only just started reading, and in public? Oh babe, is this your first time?

Idk but it prodded me into starting to post this. Been holding off because I'm very not positive of how it's hanging together. I realised a few days ago that all my canon geography is shit and I reaaaallly don't care. It will eventually have sex, and pirates. No really. It will also probably later have discussion of awful dark shit, but nothing too wangsty in its main run. This is the first two chapters; looks like it's going to be another 40k+ long haul oh fuck me.


a time-candle burning at both ends )

nothing to lose but his dignity )

-->Part 3
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I am terribly sorry that this ended up being so late; life happened in a big and completely not awesome way and I was totally cut off from the internet for a while.

Previous Chapter

Chapter 3: Judgement is Reserved )
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because it is AU get-togethers week, okay. I've spent about three weeks staring at the end of this one and it still doesn't feel convincing, but hey at least it has melodrama out the wazoo. I don't think this canon divergence needs much introduction, but, apart from Van & Stef failing at getting together in the canonical fashion, some reversal of roles has occurred.

words he hadn't said )
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This fic was really inspired by a terrible fanfiction one that always fascinated me-- can't quite recall the name, but Vanyel and Tylendel are together when Vanyel meets young Stefen. Thene, I know you asked for AU Van/Stefen get-together situations, but this might not be what you wanted! Still, I figured you all will read anything for this ship (hooray for this site).

Sidenote-- I apologize for the lack of appropriate spacing, but I'm still terrible at formatting. If it seems choppy, there was supposed to be a page break. Also, this fic is unfinished. I haven't been motivated/inspired to continue.

Read more... )
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Alternate reality wherein Lynnelle never whisks Stefen off the streets. [personal profile] thene wanted alternate ways of Van/Stef happening, and the results of this prompt were my earlier birthday gift to her, and this thing of wtf, where my brain went off the rails and decided to make this pairing even more impossible than it already is. augh. This is a WIP, and I've got another 8,000 words of it sitting on my flash drive, but it still needs lots of editing. Stef is a complete bastard.

Chapter One: An Unusual Situation )
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Yesterday was the birthday of [personal profile] thene! And I swear I did not forget it! Technology failed me; I was going to wish you a happy birthday on your birthday, but I had to work all day yesterday, and my phone suddenly decided it didn't want to let me post entries or leave comments. In any case, your present wasn't ready yesterday, because I actually started something for you in January, but it wasn't going anywhere, and then Tuesday I started something completely the hell else and finished it this morning! I apologize for the jerky format; it needed set up, but I so did not want to rewrite that entire chapter when so much of it essentially remains the same. So, here it is, a (only very slightly) AU Van/Stef getting together, Forst Reach post leech-blade, 4463 words, & sfw (porn seems like a weird birthday gift? Tell me if I'm wrong.)

Telling the Truth )
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I have updated More Precious Than Pearls; angst, Vanyel in drag, & porn, roughly in that order. Also contains an OC I am still not entirely sure about. :/ But, according to [personal profile] thene, perfect is the enemy of finished, so here ya go, hon.


LHM: Love the characters, hate the canon.

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