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I figured it was high time for me to finally get around to posting all of my recs. Anyone at anytime can feel free to leave suggestions in the comments, and I will review them and add them to this post at my discretion (although of course I'm not going to stop anyone from making their own recs post if they want).

I was planning on doing this the hard way, but for real, what was I thinking, here is the link to the [community profile] 21_days of Valdemar fic fest

This is the link to the 21 Days of Valdemar collection on AO3

Shared Burdens
Length: 3,444 words
Characters: Stef, Medren, Jisa
Description: After the events of Magic's Price, Medren is absolutely worried about Stefen and determined to make sure that nothing happens to him. Stefen's reactions, though, don't have any clear explanation...

Striking the Right Note
Length: 8,004 words
Characters: Stef and Medren, Stef/Van
Description: A tale of how Stefen's best friend went from “Stef, stop dating men that are way too old for you!” to “Let me matchmake you with my uncle, he is just your type.”

A Song for a Legend, a Legend for a Song
Length: 1,089 words
Ship: Van/Stef
Description: Sometimes, in the little time they have together as the world falls apart around them, Stefen plays for his love.

Length: 2,046 words
Ship: Stef/Van
Description: Van and Stef making music together.

Do You Know the Way to Ba Sing Se?
Length: 21,018 words
Ship: Van/Lendel
Description: NSFW, LHM/Firefly fusion; I know what a lot of people think of fusions, especially of such disparate canons, but take it from someone with a low second-hand embarrassment threshold, this is fucking amazing. The author did a really great job deciding which parts of which canons had to be changed or ignored to make them fit together.

Lives Past
Length: 5,239 words
Ship: Van/Lendel
Description: Tylendel backstory.

Prompt 37: Sensual Command (Yes really.)
Length: 2,605 words
Ship: Van/Lendel
Description: NSFW, Vanyel trying to tell Tylendel how he feels with sex.

Length: 1,470 words
Characters: Van, Tantras
Description: Tran spends Sovvan night with Vanyel.

Renogotiations of Fate
Length: 7,689 words
Ship: Van/Lendel
Description: NSFW, Tylendel doesn't die AU.

Magic's Path on AO3 | on DW
Length: 21,574 words
Ship: Van/Lendel
Description: AU in which Magic's Pawn never happened and Van meets Lendel when they're in their early twenties instead.

Part of Us
Length: 1,045 words
Characters: Stefen and Withen
Description: Stefen tells Withen about Vanyel's final days.

Strange Songbird (WIP)
Length: 25,457 words
Ship: Van/Lendel
Description: This starts off really slow, and contains a dubious OMC and dubious add-ons to an already dubious canon, but the parts that are relevant to our interests (starting at chapter five if you feel fine skipping the OMC's intro/background) are actually really damn good. This is a very different (read: dark) interpretation of Van/Lendel, and I am going to add a trigger warning for domestic violence to this, because yeah, darkfic :(

Stony Tor
Length: 7,073 words
Ship: Stef/Van
Description: Van tells Stef the whole story of why he hates the Demonsbane song.

Shadow Dreams
Length: 1,712 words
Ship: Tylendel/Vanyel
Description: Tylendel's mental instability, explored in second-person imperative

The Length of the World
Length: 4,111 words
Ship: Van/Stef
Description: Rape recovery in the kyree caverns.

Vanyel's Moving Castle (WIP)
Length: 14,292 words
Ship: Van/Lendel
Description: Howl's Moving Castle fusion.

Something There
Length: 832 words
Ship: Van/Lendel
Description: They're in the middle of a mock-fight when someone figures out their secret.

Shadow Stalker
Length: 2,123 words
Ship: Van/
Description: Mindscrew horror fic about the Shadow Stalker incident.

Missing and Gone
Length: 2,005 words
Ship: Van/Lendel
Description: Van, a few years on, delving into his ambiguous feelings about Lendel. It's a songfic, but if you ignore that aspect of it it's pretty damn interesting.

Done Only in the Mud
Length: 1,875 words
Ship: Van/Lendel
Description: A detailed account of Van and Lendel's fight.

For Whom the Bell Tolls
Length: 1,458 words
Ship: Van/Lendel
Description: Vanyel, angst and meta about loving and losing.

Daemon Fever (WIP)
Length: 5,238 words
Ship: Van/Stef
Description: Sickfic with an interesting OC Healer. Stef's name is misspelt throughout *pet peeve* but it gets pretty good once it gets going.

Magic's Pride
Length: 11,763 words
Characters: Stef, Medren, ensemble
Description: Stefen post-Magic's Price.

Hope Springs Eternal
Length: 1,857 words
Ship: Van/Stef (UST)
Description: Missing scene: the trip to the hot springs that didn't work.

Just Friends
Length: 2,444 words
Characters: Stef and Medren
Description: Just a little adolescent experimentation.

Everything by Gildaurel on FFN | on AO3 | on DW :)

Everything by typhe. :)

Also, here is my AO3 page

Also there is a prompt post here, feel free to add new ones!
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