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Hi there! Hopefully this isn't out of place, but I didn't see any other 'introduce yourself' type instructions. If this is spammy, feel free to delete. :)

I'm Florian! I'm super new to this fandom. Like, finished-the-books-8-days-ago new. Since then, I've been devouring all of the fic and art I can find. I seem to have found the right comm though, because while I devoured the books and adored Vanyel, Medren, Stefen, Yfandes, et al, I have


I'm going to reread the series soon, but even thinking back on things I'm confused by canon and the decisions that Lackey made. I think it's fair to say that maybe because this is a prequel, some of the weirdness is due to her trying to fit this story into an existing canon "legend" that she created before she wrote these books. I like to think that's why, but at the same time...

Why is final showdown with Leareth so weak? Where was the actual battle? Where was the impact of that long-awaited confrontation? I mean, even Vanyel's and Yfandes' sacrifices were described in retrospect. Why? I think more time was spent describing the marriages and children of Vanyel's extended family than in the fucking climax of the series. What?

What was the point of the Rethwellen trip in Magic's Price? Why even put it in there? The narrative literally cuts from the scene of Vanyel telling Stef he is leaving to his ride home from the months-long trip with nothing in between. Whyyyy?

Maybe this was me being a bad reader, but did anyone else think the killing off of the herald-mages felt rushed and awkward. Like, there were only four herald-mages left in the entire world? They had definitely mentioned that their numbers were shrinking, but FOUR? During Magic's Pawn it isn't outright stated, but it's implied that there are quite a few.

Not to mention other weird inconsistencies like Savil saying that Vanyel had the bardic gift in Magic's Pawn but never mentioning it again. Or how Vanyel says in Magic's Price that there being a herald doesn't give one a higher rank that any other palace resident, but in Magic's Pawn Savil explicitly tells Vanyel that the herald trainees outrank him.

I want the author to go back over this series with a fine-toothed comb and do an entire canon rewrite. The bones are there, but the execution is so... blegh.

I did enjoy the books a lot, despite my complaints. I think part of the reason why I liked them was that I was looking forward to exploring the canon through fic, meta, art, etc. After reading Magic's Pawn I googled for fanart of the series and found this painting that I cannot stop drooling over. It gave me a lot of motivation to finish the series, knowing that there was a pretty active fandom. I didn't realize at the time how lucky I would get in that respect. It seems like this community has attracted a delightful group of fans, with a level of talent and productivity that really outstrips the size of the fandom (at least as far as I can tell, it seems like a pretty small fandom).

So anyway, I guess I just wanted to say hello, share my grievances, and say a enormous, giant *thank you* to all the fic, art, podfic, and discussion creators. Your work has been thrilling me all week since I finished the books!
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